Weekend @ the seaside



This weekend we went away to the seaside. It was freeeeeeeezing cold
(as you can see very well in my pictures).
We tried to go for a walk, but it didn’t take long before we were back in the car.
Due to the cold, we didn’t do much else than stay inside and relax, and be lazy,
and I mean very lazy.

That’s all for now…

x Heike

Outfit details: Zara coat, jeans, and faux fur scarf, H&M mittens and boots, bag from China (no brand)





Outfit of the day: Still Winter…


Oh boy was I wrong during last post, thinking that winter was finally over and that spring was on its way. We are currently still experiencing temperatures below freezing point and dark days with rain and even snow. It has come the point that I have tears in my eyes when the weather forecast is on (Ok, I actually cried), because it doesn’t seem to get better any time soon…and boy does it show: besides the depressed feeling due to the lack of sun, my winter body weight is getting beyond the point of reasonable and I’m not really feeling the urge to diet at the moment. I mean HOW can you be motived during times like these?

Ok, I will try to stop bitching about the weather and look forward to the weekend to come! The boyfriend and I are going away on a weekend to the seaside – Yay!
Finally some quality time after a very busy month.

Outfit Details: H&M Beanie, Zara Coat,  Adidas Bag (old), Zara Sweater, H&M Necklace, Zara Jeans & Zara Booties




Ready for spring!


I’m so (huge emphasise on “so”) done with winter. I feel like the only thing I’ve been wearing lately was black, with black and more black, with black mittens, black scarfs &  black sweaters. And although I love an all black combo, I need some lighter colours to spark up my mood, which has been like the weather, way below freezing point… (you can guess why it took me so long to write another post, I was experiencing more than just blogger-fatigue). So this weekend I went for pastel pink, even though still combined with black jeans :-/, (can’t go overload in one day, now can you?). And it worked, because today the sun is finally shining and I love it! The days are getting longer and I can’t wait for spring! So pastel colours, light flowery dresses and so on, watch out, I’m coming to get you!

X Heike