New goodies: last-minute shopping

We had a busy weekend ahead, and already lost too much time saturday morning (we stayed in bed, after a long night out, … what else is there to do when it’s cold outside?). Still, I decided in a crisis moment that I had absolutely nothing to wear… and that I needed to go shopping (with my specific list in mind!).

I was missing a large black bag with silver locks for work, because I only have black bags with bronze or gold locks and those don’t go with any silver accessories. And a girl needs to be able to vary, right?! Further on the list: A light grey jeans, bright sweaters (or any new knit was ok – it is really getting cold), accessories and mittens (ooh I do like mittens). So I went to the nearest city … and had about an hour to shop … ready, steady, go!

The results were more than ok, I found each and every item on my little list!

With the bag (picture below), a new addiction is born… these bags aren’t expensive, made out of real leather and exist in every colour! So next weekend, I’m going for taupe!


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