Okay, I might have a problem…

Ooh boy shoes! I just can’t get enough. Shoes are the hardest to resist, all the time, but it is especially hard when it’s the end of the month, and your shopping budget is already completely and entirely gone…

I quickly passed by Zara yesterday, as I needed to get a gift for someone at work (so basically it isn’t even my fault), and there they were,… black ankle boots at half price! And all in my size! Before I knew it, I had one pair in one hand (a pair with studs on it) and another pair (with a little belt on the side) in my other hand. Let’s face it, an opportunity like this doesn’t take too much time wondering whether to buy or not to buy, right? I ran to the register and bought the damn shoes. Oh yes, both of them… Leaving the Zara shop with, I do admit, a teeny-tiny bit of guilt… 😉


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