Weekend & some new goodies!

The weekend is already half way (it goes too fast – I’m in desperate need of vacation!) but it has been good so far!

On Friday, some quality-time with MamaJulesBrussels (check out her blog!!!) and her new sparkling boots. It has been a while since we really had a chance to catch up, Facebook chats just aren’t the same (but thank god it exists!). We went to Caramba, a cosy mexican restaurant nearby. Mojitos, good company, a nice way to start the weekend. Stylish as ever, MamaJules was wearing her new glitter pistol boots from Sacha. Big love! (and they exist in gold too!). You can check them out here. As she said, a girl needs some glitter from time to time!

On Saturday, I went shopping (AGAIN – I know – I’m unstoppable) with my sister. Our main excuse was to look for some missing Christmas presents… . One of the things on my wishlist are necklaces. You can never have enough accessories. I found a nice pair from Zara and two yellow-neon ones from H&M. Further, an unexpected, but very nice surprise (not on the list, but who’s keeping track?), a black scarf with skulls. I do seem to have a thing for skulls on my accessories these days. Pictures below!

I also got the coolest item ever to get a nice full-body ponytail! The thing looks weird (and I mean really weird) but it does the trick, and I’m happy to announce that I’m sitting behind my laptop right now with the thickest ponytail I ever had. I can’t complain too much about my hair, but the more volume the better I say! I will post some pictures soon.

On Sunday, we have a trip to the Ardennen planned, there is a particular reason, but that is a surprise for now…

x Heike


One thought on “Weekend & some new goodies!

  1. Great website! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am taking your feeds also

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