December Wishlist

As December comes closer, so does a new wishlist. Here are some of the items I found online that I would like to get this month. I like to be inspired by and get new ideas from the World Wide Web, but I’m getting more and more reluctant to buy online. I like to stroll down the streets, go into a shop and actually feel and see the material… Is this bad? In an ever-growing online world, is there a life without online shopping?

Okay… my feelings may have a thing or two to do with the fact that I don’t own a credit card (sad moment – pouting), because if I did, I would probably go bankrupt… and after an incident with Zalando (I’m seriously not a fan), I’m afraid that what I order, just won’t live up to my expectations anymore. Nevertheless, thank god for webshops! Even if it’s just to make your wishlist, and see many many many things you think you need … 🙂

H&M Scarf, Zara Coat, Cos sweater, Ash booties, Zara wallet & Zara necklace


3 thoughts on “December Wishlist

  1. isabel says:

    OOOO you evil Heike!!! now i want that wallet too 🙂

  2. I know, it’s good right?! 🙂 xxx

  3. I love the skulls wallet!

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