Outfit of the day: Winter fluffiness

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Patiently waiting for the first snow… I was already in a winter fluffy kinda mood today. I’m always excited when it’s cold enough to wear my earmuffs (I have them in black too), and the best thing about it, besides fluffiness, is that it’s a headphone! You can easily connect your Ipod, or in my case, smartphone, and stay warm while you listen to your favorite songs. What I especially like about it, is that the whole thing is covered in fabric, you have no ugly plastic band connecting the two ears. In the summer, just remove the cover, and you are left with a good quality white headphone .  

I was wearing an Arayal wool blazer, H&M skinny jeans, H&M sneakers, faux fur mittens and earmuffs, H&M silver metallic scarf, H&M pink/silver knit and necklace, black leather bag without a name, Zara T-shirt, Bourjois nail polish (Gris Nightomic), and of course, my Lenco earmuffs in white.


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