Holidays: playing tourist and time for homemade soup!

Brussels 2Brussels 3Brussels 4The boyfriend and I got a whole week together, with no work, no stress, fun things and lot’s of trips! Like today, we played tourist in our own city, Brussels. Unfortunately, the weather was so bad (more hail, wind and rain – bah) so it was a really short visit and we didn’t have much time to take good pictures (mainly because the battery of my camera was empty ūüė¶ – you can imagine how prepared we were for our first trip). I do have some things to share, like the weird “Christmas Tree”, on the Grote Markt, which clearly isn’t¬†spreading the Christmas spirit we all love so much. I also got me an “I love Brussels” hoody in grey, just for fun.

Further the Christmas fair, the smell was amazing of everything you could get to eat (mainly greasy things, my favorite kind), but like I mentioned, it started raining again and I figured that days like these are better suited for DIY at home and cooking! So we passed by the hardware store to get me some DIY bracelet material and went home.

I’m hardly a domestic goddess, but I have my moments where I feel like there’s nothing¬†greater¬†than to make¬†homemade soup and baking cakes. Today¬†I had one of my moments. I made some fresh tomato soup, which if I do say so myself, kicks ass :-). I love soup, it’s low-fat, easy to make, soothing on rainy and awful days, and packed with flavour if you make it right. Soup¬†is anything but boring.

Home made Tomato soup Homemade tomato soup: the recipe

1 tablespoon of vegetable or olive oil
2 large onions

3 large leeks (only the white part)
1 kg of plum tomatoes
4 cubes of chicken stock
2,5 to 3 liters of water
1/2 tablespoon of dried basil
Some tomato purée to taste (mainly for colour)

Start by chopping up the onions and leeks and saut√© them both in the oil in a large casserole. Add the water and the stock cubes. Bring up to¬†boil. In the meantime, chop up the tomatoes and add them to the casserole. I don’t bother to deseed¬†or take of the skin of the tomatoes, as I will put everything through a strainer before serving. Leave to simmer until everything is¬†tender and fully cooked. Blend, strain and¬†bring back to boil and add some tomato pur√©e and basil. Serve with a tablespoon¬†of Philadelphia (light – or any other kind of fresh cheese, or cream if you’re into it) and croutons. Bon App√©tit!


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