Christmas tree ornaments

house doctor whitePiggy_OrnamentHouse doctor

(Pantone Christmas ball, all others from House Doctor)

Sadly, we won’t set up a Christmas tree this year, mainly because we’re afraid that it won’t survive for more than an hour, due to our gangster-kitty Jip. So we decided to wait and see how long the tree at the boyfriend’s parent’s house holds, where Jip hangs out during the day.  Overall, Jip is incredibly sweet, but he can’t leave anything or anyone for that matter alone – EVER – so we need to take precautions :-). Let’s just hope that the wicked kitty calmed down by the end of 2013. This of course doesn’t mean that I can’t already seek for inspiration for next year, and share it with you guys.

I like quirky ornaments, that aren’t too traditional. Those who know me well, know that I’m obsessed with pink gadgets, so why not a pink decorated Christmas tree? However the boyfriend won’t agree I think :-). Maybe he would like a manly tree with Volkswagen ornaments?

Anyway, here are some of my favorites…


xo Heike


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