Snapshots from the weekend


Old VWIMG_20130119_113747Living room

The weekend is already over, but here are some snapshots from my days off. Saturday was a busy day, the boyfriend and I went to the European Motor show at Brussels Expo. It wasn’t on the fair, but just outside we spotted this beauty from way back, an old VW Golf in mustard. I’m in love with that colour for and old-timer(ish)-type-of-car. I also fell in love with the LML “vintage” scooters, like Vespa, they come in all kind of colours, like a pink/beige and army green. Hope to get one some day… Unfortunately, we couldn’t spend too much time at the fair, because we were on a tight schedule, so we had to miss out on the Dream Cars for wishes section. Next stop, groceries and IKEA. We finally got our new sofa (big cheer!)! I still need to find a rug (already spotted some, project for next weekend) and add some decoration to make it real cozy, but we’re getting there! Next, getting rid of the old chair. Next, dinner, for which we were invited at my sister’s house. She made some wonderful pasta and garlic bread. I was so busy eating and enjoying the good food, that I forgot to take a picture, but believe me it looked and was yummie, she really is a great cook. After a day running around, Sunday was more relaxed. We had a nice family meal and a lazy sunday afternoon. What else is there to do when it’s snowing like crazy outside?

Have a nice week!

xo Heike

(Outfit details: coat, faux fur scarf and skinnies from Zara, Converse sneakers, vintage bag)


One thought on “Snapshots from the weekend

  1. Naina says:

    You and that bike are a match made in heaven.

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